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    Orange Safety Vests for Sale

    I have two styles of Orange Safety vests for sale (I have way too many for the events I run):

    Style 1 $5 each (43 available): Orange Non ANSI/ISEA compliant mesh safety vest with two (2) ?"...
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    For Sale - SweatVac Tech Shirts

    I have extra SweatVac Technical Short Sleeve Race Tees for sale.

    Women's and Men's (Unisex) SweatVac 2Tone Short Sleeve Race Tee (over 4647ordered for an event of mine; no longer needed).

  3. Race Bibs, Runner Bibs, Cyclist Bibs Numbers 1 - 2000

    Unused Race bibs, numbers 1 - 2000. Packaged in groups of 100. Size of bibs is 6" x 3"; numbers 2 3/4" high. Bibs have holes in all four corners for safety pins.


    $200 plus $6 shipping.
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    Event Insurance

    I have been forced to cancel one of my relay races each of the last two years. Last year it was due to the High Park Fire west of Fort Collins; this year it was this past weekend due the the...
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    Race Cancellation Insurance

    I organize running relay races in Colorado (no, I'm not Ragnar). In the past two years, I've had to cancel a one-day 50 mile relay last year as the start was the day after the High Park Fire west of...
  6. For Sale - RaceTrak Race Management Software v5.0 (Timing Software)

    For sale is a previously used but uninstalled version of RaceTrak Race Management Software v5.0.

    System requirements (from back of box):
    Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, or higher
    30 MB...
  7. For Sale - Start/Finish line scaffolding cover material

    Dark green scaffolding cover material for a 3-story scaffold to make your start/finish line look more professional. Used a half dozen times. Cost me $650; looking for best offer plus shipping...
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    I agree 100%. I am a race director of long...

    I agree 100%. I am a race director of long distance relays. In these races, the roads are not closed - runners are running on the shoulders with traffic. While I have made every attempt to have...
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