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    Wanted to share with this community of race directors that I am about to release new survey software made specifically for the endurance sports community. It will be a free service and will take the pain out of having to create and manage a survey. More details about the survey can be found at I love to get your feedback and thoughts about this service here. I am putting the final touches on it this month and will have it ready by July. So any input now would be greatly appreciated.

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    Press Release from Endurance Sportswire

    Endure Strong will be a free, first-of-its-kind survey application designed specifically for the endurance sports community.

    Endure Strong, a new start-up in the endurance sports industry, is nearing completion of a survey application that hopes to change the way race directors solicit and collect feedback from event participants. It has been documented that nearly two-thirds of race directors fail to even conduct a post-race survey due to a lack of time, interest, funds, support, and expertise. With the growth of the number of endurance events being offered, the competition for athlete?s dollars is more competitive than ever. It is critical that race directors have a good pulse on their paying customers? experiences.

    Andrew Webb, the founder and owner of Endure Strong, claims that Endure Strong?s survey application will be different from traditional survey software because it is based on current technologies which allows for minimal user input from the survey participant. ?The hardest part of conducting a survey,? states Webb ?is getting a person to start and finish the survey. Most surveys are ugly, boring, and archaic, which are barriers to today?s instant gratification minded society. Endure Strong?s survey will overcome these barriers by delivering a product that is visually appealing, dynamic, and requires very little time to complete.? The survey will take less than a minute to complete and will require minimal user input by automatically advancing after each response.

    The survey will not only be easy for the participants to complete, but it will be nearly as simple for the race directors to create the survey. Endure Strong?s survey will use a set of ten universal questions that will cover what is important to the event participants. Webb states that, ?Too many creators of surveys are concerned about the information that they want to collect. The correct approach to conducting survey research is to seek out the information that the survey participant wants to share. Endure Strong aims to do exactly this.? By creating an account and filling out basic information about an event, the race director will create the survey and have lifetime access to the survey results.

    Survey questions will cover ten areas ranging from the quality of the venue, helpfulness of the volunteers, to the perceived overall value of the event. Information about these ten areas will collected by use of a fun and engaging scoring system. Endure Strong?s scoring system will give each question a scoring range from 0 to 10, with the overall score being based on a 100 point scale. Webb claims that ?by having a scoring system, it will be a fun way to keep survey participants engaged and encouraged to finish the survey.? Endure Strong will collect, organize, and present the survey responses in a way that will save the race director hours of time sifting through the data, even offering statistical analysis tools to see truth in the numbers.

    ?Survey comments will be the most valuable feedback to the race directors.? Endure Strong will allow survey participants to link a comment to one of the ten areas in order to keep the comments organized in a manner which will easily allow the race director to ?hear the chorus.? In addition, Endure Strong will allow race directors to post the survey results, allowing the race director and event participants to discuss ways to improve. ?It?s important to listen to any voice that is willing to share a praise or constructive criticism. By gathering as much opinion as possible, it will prevent knee-jerk reactions and costly mistakes which can result from only listening to one voice or only the voices from, lets says, a board room or major sponsor.? Endure Strong will allow race directors to have an engaging relationship with the athlete?s long after the last athlete crosses the finish line.

    The Endure Strong survey application will be available for use starting by July of this year.

    Feedback from Race Directors and Athletes

    During the process of creating the survey, Endure Strong has reached out to both race directors and athletes throughout the country in various sports in order to experiment with the survey application and offer feedback about their experience. Here are a few comments with regards to their experiences.

    ?Overall, really strong product.?

    ?I like that it is super simple.?

    ?If we can convince our runners how easy it is, I could see a 20%+ return rate which is high.?

    ?I like the 0-10 scale and it seems very thorough as far as hitting on all the details that go into a race.?

    ?I liked the option to provide comments on multiple subjects. I didn?t feel pressured to put a comment if I didn?t want to.?

    Endure Strong?s KICKSTARTER Campaign

    Endure Strong is currently running a KICKSTARTER campaign in order to raise funds to be able to provide this service for free to all race directors. Webb said, ?I only want to offer this service for free. I have already invested a lot of my own money to create this service and it would be nice to see the endurance community come together to support this cause.? Money raised by the campaign will be used to cover the costs of collecting and storing the data online.

    Endure Strong is offering an athletic shirt as a reward for every $25 pledged. ?It?s a great shirt at a great deal. But this only happens if we reach our goal.? Endure Strong?s goal is to have $2,500 worth of pledges by June 8th. KICKSTARTER is an all-or-nothing model. In other words, if Endure Strong doesn?t reach it goal, then it will receive no funds from the campaign. ?It?s my hope,? pleads Webb ?that both race directors and endurance athletes will get behind this service. It has the potential to help those race directors who fail to conduct proper research through a post-race survey to produce a better event for those athletes who train so hard after paying the entry fees. Every paying customer deserves a great product, and its on the race directors to deliver.?

    Contact Information and Links

    Andrew Webb Founder and Owner

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