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Thread: Anyone being threatened by for moving your events elsewhere?

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    Default Anyone being threatened by for moving your events elsewhere?

    The Twin City Track Club has been a client of since the RaceGate days, but the abysmal ActiveWorks product and the shady "membership" charges caused us to look at other registration sites. We had several people complain account the charges, pretty much saying they won't sign up for any events that used active.

    Over the weekend the RD for one of our races was called and told he was in violation of a 3-year "contract" we agreed to last year, and we needed to immediately take our events down and relist them on or face legal action.

    NO one in the club would have knowingly signed any kind of exclusive agreement, so something got tucked into the boilerplate last year. However it was done it's a pretty sleezy business practice to sneak in contract terms that bring no benefit to the customer, and integrate anti-competitive provisions. From my reading of their claims it looks like we basically have to not use any online registration for 3 years in order to move.

    From what I can find out so far a few states have taken action against via their Attorneys General, but I'm curious how many other race directors have encountered this threat, and what they did about it. My recommendation to our club's lawyer is we engage the NC Attorney General with an illegitimate business practice complaint.

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    I have heard of this going on. But I have not had any of the races we associate with complain about it.

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    I've heard the color run (or one of the national color run) series pulled from Active and went with and was threatened with lawsuits. From what I heard the lawsuits don't have a leg to stand on. I've used in the past be recently switched many of my events to due to their ever increasing product line. They have had the flexibility to do all my events require and so much more.

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    RunSignUp all the way! Athletes hate Active.

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