Passing this along from Mark Heinicke --

Am I the only one who thinks Rupp running the Trials Marathon (or any marathon before the Olympics) is a questionable idea? Toni Reavis and others in the know are endorsing it without qualification. Hmm.

Alberto Salazar is noteworthy for running down his health in the pursuit of glory. Is he tempting Galen Rupp to do likewise?

Suppose Rupp qualifies (seems likely if he goes for it). That effort alone will subject him to the kind of pounding I believe is unwise for someone also trying to excel on the track at the highest level in the same season. He will miss at least a week's quality training--probably two or three--afterwards. Let's assume he also qualifies in the 10 or 5. What is he supposed to train for heading to the Olympics? If for both marathon & track I think he'll spoil his chances for medaling on the track, and against the Africans what hope is there to medal in the marathon anyway, unless the top Africans all catch the Zika Virus in Rio? With that in mind, his competing in the Olympic Trials Marathon seems like he's hedging his bets for qualifying at any distance. Is that an open question?Â

Lasse Viren, 1976 Olympics: 1st in 5,000m, 1st in 10,000m, 5th in marathon. Well, we can be pretty sure that Viren blood-doped, and the competition was not as strong 40 years ago as it is today. Furthermore, AFAIK, he didn't actually train for the marathon, he just thought, once the time came, I feel so good, why not?

Don't get me wrong, I love marathons (OK, I stopped at six so I didn't love them that much for myself, but I admire others doing it). I just think that someone with Rupp's speed is asking for trouble going at the marathon when he still has good chances on the track. Peaking for a major competition is too delicate a matter to be toyed with. Let him try to medal on the track and then race a marathon in NYC or Chicago. Because (1) There's always time in another 4 years; and (2) the Olympic marathon isn't all that prestigious any more what with all the international big city battles and WRs in the headlines. Â

Rupp will be 30 in May. I'm thinking he'd be better off taking the example of my personal hero Carlos Lopes, who didn't attempt a marathon until he was 35. Then went on to win the Olympic Marathon in 1984, age 37 (and a then Olympic record 2:09:21).Â

Haile Gebrselassie ran his first marathon at age 29 (where he was beaten in London by Khannouchi and Tergat), but that was only after racking up just about every victory and record imaginable in the 5 and 10.Â

I'd hate to see Rupp throw away his chances in the 5000 and 10,000. We've seen the sad results of excessive marathon racing in Ryan Hall's early retirement (I call it early; look at Gebrselassie winning Berlin at age 37 and the Vienna Half at age 39 [it might have been 40? ).

Although, maybe Rupp and Salazar have a plan to use a secret elixir that the rest of us don't want to believe.

That's my $.02.