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Thread: Forged Elite Athlete Letters of Invitation?

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    Default Forged Elite Athlete Letters of Invitation?

    How often does this happen? Forged Elite Athlete Letters of Invitation

    I receive an email from organization trying to verify a letter of invitation for a race I used to direct, but now just consult on.
    The PDF (scanned) document was a forged letter (Just re-typed) with my signature on it. The person/group took a letter I had written back in 2007 and updated it with the 2015 race information, and used my scanned signature for the 2015 letter of invitation. It looked almost good except a few details were off, like the logo and capitalization of the Kenyan athlete's name to name a few issues with it.

    So, if anyone gets a letter for or on behalf of for Stanley Kiboss - Take a close look to see if the letter is forged.

    Needless to say Stanley Kiboss is now banned from the Event, for the forged letter and being unprofessional in attempts to get to the US.

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    I checked with one elite athlete coordinator who said the following: "Fortunately, to the best of my knowledge, I have not had fraudulent invitation letters used for any events that I have been involved with. A general rule which I follow is that I issue invitation letters only to the athlete(s) that the event(s) is/are truly interest in hosting. The vast majority of letters are routed through managers."

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