No organization is immune to all risk. In fact, all organizations are exposed to risks on a daily basis. It is how leaders choose to manage those risks that can make or break an organization. Both for-profit and nonprofit organizations have a lot at stake, physical assets, intangible assets, brand, reputation, grants, people and relationships. With all of that on the line, building a solid risk management program is in the best interest of all organizations that utilize volunteers in any capacity.
The key to your risk management success is planning and more planning. You must strive to account for all possible risks, even those that are highly unlikely. Recognition and identification forms the foundation of your risk management program. From there, you can effectively evaluate the severity of risks and prioritize.
What our race management team has learned is that many race management companies only look at their budget dollars, and not the entire picture as to what a good insurance broker has to offer in terms of value added services. I encourage you to start the 2016 race by reaching out to our team, so that we can help yours.