Hello there,

My name is Toby and I'm the founder of Finishr.com. As an avid runner and athlete, some of my biggest annoyances before and during race day are finding out my bib number, getting my results, and sharing those results with my friends and family in a way that's easy to use and fun.

I created Finishr.com to solve those problems. Our small startup team has been able to run a few successful trials, including a very well-received "live results" demo for a local triathlon club in Louisville, KY as 61 of their members competed in the Louisville Ironman last year. (To be clear, I'm not claiming to have provided "official" results for Ironman! We set up a projector in their private finish meeting area based on their incoming times during the day.)

The users were very excited about the results we provided and the ability to easily share them directly with their family & friends and have them automatically posted to Facebook. Based on that feedback and some follow-up site updates, we're now looking at expanding our rollout. That's hopefully where you come in!

We're specifically targeting smaller races and timing companies that may not have the resources, technology, or funding to put together a professional results site or to push users' results out to Facebook on race day. We're not tied to any one technology, but want to work with you to figure out how best to keep your users engaged.

I really believe that the experience provided by our site will help give your race a professional look and feel and provide results in the easiest way possible for users to share them, which in turn will increase their overall happiness with their race-day experience and in turn their likelihood of returning next year.

I'd love to discuss with you one-on-one how we could best work to provide this service to you free of charge and with no obligation, regardless of which timing technology or registration platform you use. We're simply looking to gain experience in return on what race directors think of the service. If this sounds interesting, please visit finishr.com/directors, or PM me for more info on our "Early Access Program"!

Thanks for your time and happy racing,
Toby J
Founder, Finishr.com