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    We are always interested in your comments on how to make the Forum work even better for you. Our feedback indicates many of you use it as a research tool as well as for timely back and forth. Are there specific ways we could help improve your experience or any comments in general you might want to pass on ?

    Jeff Darman
    Road Race Management

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    Seriously; I have come back to this forum a lot less now since it seems that the bulk of the posts are coming from one individual wanting to sell insurance related products. I check back once in a while but ... the same individual seems to be shown as the last respondent or thread creator most of the time.

    That could be due to 1. Low traffic where the forum just isn't meeting the needs of the audience you had intended or 2. You aren't reaching a sizeable audience or 3. Like me, the forum seems to be dominated by one individual.

    Just my $0.02

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    I would agree with everything that bnhsdad said. I think this forum could be a great tool but the low activity and annoying attempts to use it as a sales platform have me check in rarely.

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    Facebook killed most forums years ago. This really should be done on Facebook at this point. The amount of good content and conversation would skyrocket.

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