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    Hello. I wanted to share with everyone that I have recently made a major update to Endure Strong. It now has a race directory with almost 50,000 events offering almost 100,000 races in the United States. It is the largest online race directory in the country.

    But it is more than just a race directory. It has several tools for race directors to improve. The number of athletes participating in endurance sports events is started to decline, but the number of endurance events continues to rise. I believe this is creating a bubble and it will burst in the future. For this reason, I created Endure Strong to help race directors that care the most to ensure that their events are the best and that their races survive the test of time.

    Endure Strong's main feature to race directors is its free survey application. It is the only survey created specifically for the endurance sports community. Being pre-made and universal, all a race director has to do is sign up, claim their events from the directory (or add their events to the directory if not there), and that's it! Each survey is giving a unique url that is then emailed out by the race director to the athletes once the race is complete. From their, the survey data is compiled and neatly organized making it easy to learn from the feedback. While the survey campaign is ongoing, the race director can monitor the survey campaign's progress and get real time updates. It is actually quite exciting.

    By doing a survey, Endure Strong will then feature that event for free in the race directory. This will give their event greater exposure to potential customers.

    Also, Endure Strong hosts a closed FB group for race directors to share articles, stories, frustrations, or victories. This is a closed group so ask for permission to join.

    Endure Strong hopes to make every race director better at producing the kinds of events their customers love! Give us a try today!
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