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    Default Race Clock Suggestions

    For local races I usually borrow a clock from a local club. I'm looking at purchasing my own. Most likely a LED model (due to cost). Is there a certain model you suggest? I've been using one with 6" digits, should I upgrade to 9"? Any other suggestions for road/cross country races that may help. I use a time machine, The Race Director software and also use in track with a finishlynx system?

    Any ideas from your experience will be helpful.


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    Default Race clock

    I think 6" digits are fine. I time professionally and use Electronumerics Raceclocks. 6" digits double sided. Honestly I prefer the traditional style and not the LED, but I also have an LED version which is a bit cheaper and lighter. I use it as a backup clockand also use it in dark and in poor weather conditions. In direct sunlight I still think the traditional neon yellow painted flip digits are more visible.

    Double sided is more expensive and preferred, but depending on what you're using it for, you may be able to get away with single sided. For professional timing I don't think single sided is adequate.
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    Default Inexpensive LED

    If price is your main concern, Electronumerics makes a "mile marker" single-sided LED model that goes for $900. It doesn't have many features of the more expensive clocks (only counts up, no keyboard, etc) but it is cheap and rugged. We use it for all our local level races.

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the feedback, ELECTRO-NUMERICS seems to be the clock company I was leaning toward. I like the look of the flip style better, but it's quite a bit difference when you look at the double sided price (maybe a partial shade may help). It's nice to know 6" size is good. I have a clock similar to the mile marker style but it has a range and angle problem along with only 4" numbers.


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    Default Small clock

    That's probably the flip-style mile marker clock w/ 4-in. digits, right? Controlled by a remote like a TV? Those are probably a bit too small, although we've used them for finish lines of small races.

    The 6-in. LED mile marker clock is great in that it's virtually indestructible - we've had ours blown over by strong winds a couple times and, in the words of John Cameron Swaze, "it takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'."

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    The LED are much tougher than the flip digits. This year we had a flip digit clock (that we were borrowing), mounted on the three legged stand and it was blown over in high winds. Replacing that cost quite a few $$.

    The flip digits are much better at finish lines for the following:
    • Wide viewing angle so spectators can see the time too.
    • Time is clear and readable on finish line photos.
    • Readable in bright sunlight.
    Flip clocks are more delicate but I think they are much better for finish lines. I suggest keeping it in a padded box and when out of the box securely attach it to the cross bar of the finish line.

    For smaller races LED's will work on mile marks and will stand up to volunteer, race day abuse.

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