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    Default Popsicle sticks

    I am directing a small 10K/5K race (125-150 runners) and we are using popsicle sticks this year. Any advice or possible pitfalls I should be looking for? Thanks!

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    Other than splinters probably none. However ,index cards might even be better with place finish on them and then runner fills in name and any other info.Not always legible of course and you would need to provide pencils and table.

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    Default Place cards

    Several of the number printing companies make pre-numbered cards, padded together, in groups of 100. They have spaces for runners to fill in their name & info.

    The problem w/ the stick collection method is very few runners are familiar w/ it; they may well think it's just for their own use and walk off with the stick or card. This happens at the Westport (CT) Summer Series, even though they've been using the stick system for close to half a century, and most of the regulars know the drill; there's always a newbie who messes things up.

    Heck, for that matter I've started to find people at races using pull-tags who don't know what they are - they've obviously only run Chip-timed races. Kind of like my kids, who wonder what those big, black "giant CDs" are.

    To get back to the original post, I'd recommend using economical "tri-tags" or "no-frills" pull tags; it will make your results a lot faster and more accurate, and the cost is probably not much different.

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    Option 2 and piggybacking on Jim's comments.... For a race your size, you can buy stock bibs or obtain free bibs from Runners World etc and have the runners fill in their info prior to the race. Then collect the pull tags in the chute and post them on a board with the race time print out and your results are done. You can then pick through the tags for your age group winners.
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    We used popsicle sticks last year and this year we will go with the tear off and use a runner's chute.

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    Our club typically uses the card system for races up to 150-170 runners. Above that we normally use tear-off tags (or chips) and computer-tabulated results.

    The card approach is nice & easy for small races. We put small plastic baskets out on a table for collecting the cards by age group. Each basket has a velcro label designating the age group. With 1 or 2 volunteers re-ordering the cards and documenting the winners, you can have your awards written up by the time the last runner arrives.

    Later at home my wife spreads the cards out by age group and reads me each card while I type our "age group" results. Then she arranges the cards by finish-order and reads them to me again as I type our "overall" results.

    With the computer-based system, you invest your time in the preregistration data entry but then post-race results are almost immediate. With cards, you have little or no pre-race effort, awards are fairly fast, but you must type a lot afterwards.

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    Pull tags and a chute.
    If you have not used a chute before then do your own dry run the week before and have the workers on the day do a dry run before the race.
    Dont drop the strings and try to put on in the correct order.
    Male and Female shutes may help.

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