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Thread: When do you see the most sign ups?

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    Default When do you see the most sign ups?

    Hello All.
    While some races have huge email lists that allow them to fill up a few days after an email blast, I don't have that luxury. For those in the same position as I am, in your experience, how far in advance do you usually see the majority of your sign ups (3 months, 1 month, 1 week, etc)? Do you see a difference with the distance (13.1 vs 5K)? Does location matter (I am in NH).

    Thank you for your time.
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    Aside from a few very popular races where people are concerned about being shut out, we see people waiting later and later to sign up for the average weekend event. I believe this is due to the increased use of online signups. We are now seeing the bulk of registrations move closer to race day and come in in the final 2 weeks. Race fees are now $20 - $25 for the typical weekend race and I believe as a result people wait until they are sure they can be there and may even check the long range forecast as well. Online signups usually are open almost up until race day, so there is no harm in the runner waiting as long as possible.
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    I'm in my 10th year as RD and like Hi-Tek Racing I'm seeing up to half my pre-race day registrations in the last three weeks. I then see approx 30-40% of the final race field show up the morning of the event. While I certainly won't turn anyone away it makes for a tough decision when making that final call on the event shirt order.

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    Relatively new to this, and our event is less than 5 years old. Like the others mentioned, we are in the final weeks before registrations really get going. We do not offer race day sign up. The times we did it we only got one or two, and it was a big hassle. But seeing QcyRunner say 30-40% on the day of, we may have to reconsider in the future. Are others seeing similar day of numbers?

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    Most signups come right before you increase the price for an event (Always climb the price monthly for 4 months up till event date if possible.)

    Also, the last week and day of registrations.

    My Annual race, which brings in about 350 participants always gets 50-100 day of registrations, depending on weather.

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