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Thread: What is the Best Timing System?

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    Default What is the Best Timing System?

    Hello All - I am looking to start a small-scale race timing business. I imagine I will organize 8-12 races per year ranging from 5k - half marathons. I estimate between 250 - 1,000 for any given race. I have done extensive research on small timing systems and came up with the following - all within the $8,000 - $18,000 price range. Some more expensive hardware, while others charge alot for the software. Some have low cost systems but the tags are more expensive. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could weigh in on any of these systems with either pros or cons - either in terms of cost, convenience or accuracy. The systems are: Innovative Timing Systems Jaguar Bronze (or Cubby); MyLaps BibTag System; Orbiter Standard; and IPICO Lite System. Thanks!!

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    I use my own software I wrote to time races; works great for races less than a 1000 runners. (Probably works for more, just haven't tried).

    You can find the software here: Desktop (Free)

    I give it away for free since I also offer online registration services which link with the desktop software to make hosting a race seamless.

    Hope that helps! "Making your event an Udder success!"

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    Default Championchip

    Im getting good milaeage out of used championchip equipment I bought. We've used it for maybe a dozen 5Ks and will be using it to time the Brooklyn Marathon in a couple of weeks. We have about 500 perm chips and can buy more or buy temporaries but I'm thinking that around 500 is about as much as I'd like to use it. At that point, it becomes a pain in the ass to deal with the chips and I would probably use Chronotrack - which I am hoping to buy soon. The championchip was bought to bring chip timing to smaller races around here and 1,000 aint that small.

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    You can use an iphone app, RaceTimingApp, for races that do not need RFID/chip timing. Try The app works on iPhones and iPads. It does everything the bib timing companies do for you. And, it is only $30.00.

    The way it works is that you just click a button each time a runner crosses the finish line and the app captures the finish time. And then you enter the bib number of the runner into the app. You can enter the bib numbers once enough runners crossed the line, or you can have another volunteer who enters them on a separate iphone. We used this system for 4 races so far. It works well. The results are generated on the fly. Each runner gets a ranking and finish time 30 secs after crossing the line. You can see the results on your iphone and they are posted automatically to a website. It also does the race day registration, handles bandits, and so on.

    The best thing is that the RaceTimingApp comes with a companion app that you can distribute to your runners. The runners app downloads the results from the RaceTimingApp and shows them instantly on the runner's iphone. Your runners can get the app for $0.99. The runners app can have extra customized information for your race if you want (like race registration info, parking, maps, etc) Everyone loves to get their results immediately on their iphones.

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    Just buy EPC Gen2 RFID hardware and tags and some timing software to use it with like

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