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Thread: Android Race Timing System

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    Default Android Race Timing System

    Hi Race Directors:

    One alternative for smaller events (less than 2000 people) is the android race timing system. See

    It uses standard reusable NFC tags (no proprietary tags) which cost less than 50 cent when purchased in bulk.

    The system posts directly to the web and stores the results locally in the phones.

    Most standard Android phones can be used. For the enhanced NFC bib collection feature, an android phone with NFC support (such as the Nexus S) is required.

    You will get real time results posted to the Web, and many social networking sites.

    It supports Instant Message notification. Both Prospective Search and Retrospective Search are supported.

    The results can be displayed in many standard formats: 10 year age group, 5 year, Age Graded, etc.


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    Can you give me some more information on the Android race timing system? Do I just download the app to my phone? What else do I need? Where is the best place to buy the NFC tags? Sorry, if I'm a little slow.


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