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Thread: Advice On Building A Ladder Finish Line

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    Default Advice On Building A Ladder Finish Line

    We are planning on building a finish line from ladders which we need to buy. We would love someone experienced to tell us if we are going about it correctly.

    We are planning on buying two of these for the vertical pieces
    and one of these for the horizontal piece
    Does this seem sound to you folks?

    Any other tips?

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    Default feedback

    please let me know how this goes if you go ahead and do it.

    We have been looking at trying to get/build a finish tower ourselves, but so expensive. What you have put together here looks very doable. Don't hesitate to respond directly to my email.

    Thanks and good luck.


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    Default Easy Finish Line Towers

    My advice is to ditch the ladders and ask a local equipment rental company to loan you two scissors lifts free of charge or to only charge you the delivery/pickup fee (typically a couple hundred bucks).

    Scissors lifts offer flexibility in terms of positioning, heavy ballast to hold the wind load of the signs, the structure on each tower to support vertical sponsor banners if you want/need them, and fast set up/breakdown.

    Below is a picture of how I set up the start/finish for a local turkey trot:
    2008 Oshkosh Turkey Trot Start (small).jpg

    P.S. Two other tips:
    1. Be sure to specify that you want lifts with larger decks (4' x 8').
    2. Offer to put the equipment company's name on the bottom of the vertical banners if you produce them (as shown).

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    If I were doing this I would get a good sturdy piece of conduit and hook your horizontal banner on it. You could also put Velcro on the ladders and basically hide the whole thing with banners if you wish. Take some pictures when you are done and post on here, curious how it would look. Would also suggest figuring out a way to add some weight to it if needed. They make sand bags that go on tripod legs that would work well for this.

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    Default How we're doing it?

    We went ahead and got 3 of the MT-22's and are using half of our 3rd one as our top piece. We are affixing sandbags to either side but I don't know how much they help. We have 5'x18" (I think) mesh banners for all facings that have the NYCRUNS and Brooklyn Marathon logos and finish vertically. Across the top will be a 7x2 mesh banner that we will probably not tie the bottom down of. It should look pretty neat but the first time we will set it up will probably be (gulp) race day. I will post pics - I think it's going to look pretty sweet.

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