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Thread: Mylaps Championchip and Bibtag Timing For New Timers

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    Default Mylaps Championchip and Bibtag Timing For New Timers

    Hi There - I'm hoping my experience the past 6 months will be helpful to any new timers out there or timers wondering about making a change.

    I started a website as a resource for local runners a little over 2 years ago. I knew nothing about running as a business - nothing. It quickly became apparent that we needed to offer race registration to complement our popular free calendar and so we did and it also became apparent that we needed to offer timing for the races we were forming relationships with. Concurrently, we needed to purchase timing equipment too.

    Knowing very little at this point, I would have preferred to purchase a chronotrack system but several problems presented themselves

    a. It was pretty expensive, particularly as we were looking at races of 3-500 people
    b. The rep seemed to have no interest in selling to more timers despite the fact that there were no timers in my market
    c. We were looking to do smaller races - less than 500 people and championchip was a compelling alternative. For the record, Mylaps bibtag was pricey too and jaguar, ipico, and brandx didn't really stand out as improvements and were still as pricey as Chronotrack and Mylaps.

    So, we ended up purchasing a load of used championchip equipment and started to use it - poorly - but with few complaints. By the time we got around to our Brooklyn Marathon, we were a finely honed championchip team. We were also ready to move on to a modern system and it again came down to MYlaps or Chronotrack.

    Customer Service won the day and the Mylaps Bibtag system is what we chose. While I couldn't get Mylaps to speak to me without great effort, Mylap's Julia Radman supported my efforts purchasing and getting to know our championchip equipment and when it came time to consider Bibtag she was equally helpful. Bibtag barely exists in my market (NYRR dominates and uses Chronotrack) so I think there is a real opportunity to educate New Yorkers on the brand and I'm very happy with my choice.

    I will follow this up with a post after the Mylaps Conference in mid-January and after our first race on January 28th.I believe I will be scoring that race on an airplane en route to ING Miami!

    Steve Lastoe

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    The conference in Cancun was great. If you knew absolutely nothing about their systems, I think it would have been an invaluable experience. For NYCRUNS, the value was in getting to meet a lot of the Mylaps team, ask some particular questions, and network with other timers. I met some great people down there and think that experience may prove really important in the long run!

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