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Thread: Small Lot Of Used Championchip Gear

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    Default Small Lot Of Used Championchip Gear

    This is a good deal for someone looking to play around with electronic timing for small races and do a manual backup. This is the same gear I started with a year ago, used successfully for a while and have now moved on from as I have a larger timing business. Available are:

    1. Digicase - needs mats (brand new battery)
    2. Minicombo With 2 Rollable Mats (brand new battery)
    3. 500 or so used Championchips
    4. Assorted cables and other gear I used with this equipment

    I will listen to offers for any of this equipment separately but I will not split the mats from the digicase. This equipment is in NYC.

    you can email us at theteam at nycruns dot com

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    Is this equipment still available? I think I'm in a similar position to where you were a year or so ago when you got started with this.



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    Sorry, I sold it last week. Good luck.

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