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Thread: Eagleeye RFID Timing Equipment???

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    Default Eagleeye RFID Timing Equipment???

    Just received an email this morning about a new chip timing system called Eagle eye. Looks very affordable, especially when you consider the costs of their chips. Also works with Hy-Tek and a few other items. We have already invested significantly into an IPICO system, so not real interested, but we are also in it for the long haul and this system could end up being more affordable when considering future expenditures, etc...

    Wanted to see if anyone out there had seen it, used it, has it,..... and knows anything about it that can comment. -Thanks.

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    I'm an IPICO user and always think the advantage of IPICO over other RFID systems has to be the flexibility to time very large events. These other systems may perform well with cross country races where there is low density across the finish line but how do they perform when there is high density, meaning many runners crossing your mats in large numbers every second. I think this is where the other systems fall flat. I know of a local competitor that users another RFID system and they have a large number of "Unknown Participants" in there results every week. I'd be interested in what the other veteran timers think as I have only been in the business two years.

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    We have an EagleEye photo finish system for timing track meets, and it was very good for the price. Don't know much about their new RFID system but will look into it and report back in a future issue of RRM.

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    I use Mylaps with race director and in my experience you wouldn't have unknown participants due to density, but due to incorrect participant data or tag equipped bandits. Assuming Chronotrack is the same in practice, I imagine runners leaving dtags on their shoes and then wearing btags could cause this problem in spades.

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