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Thread: municipalities limiting race permits

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    Default municipalities limiting race permits
    What do you think of this? How is it playing out in your area?

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    Ultimately this is a good thing for professional race directors and serious charities. There are way too many races that aren't very serious, whose numbers or impact don't justify the resources they are taking up. In the end, only those who devote the appropriate time and effort will be around and the sport will greatly benefit from an improved product.

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    I would hate for race calenders to be dominated by large out of town professional races that come to town for one large event, color run, light run, mud run, marathon etc. To the exclusion of the constellation of home grown races that while small, and somewhat disorganized, but which are often directly related the local running community. Local events normally use local clubs, local timing companies, local T-shirt printers, local running stores for registration. Locals stand up and become race directors, sometimes for the first time, some times for the 12th time that year.

    Age group road racing is an AMATEUR SPORT, a passion, NOT a profession, not an exercise to see how much you can pocket from your traveling road show. If the calender is to be reserved for the BIG and PROFESSIONAL events a lot of the local infrastructure of local running clubs will evaporate. Organizing their local races is what brings them together with a common cause, to put on events they enjoy, and they to this as volunteers, for fee, for the love of the sport.

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