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Thread: Facebook - Promote or not

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    Default Facebook - Promote or not

    Since Facebook changed how people see your posts. Are you promoting your posts now or not? Should we do more with Google +?

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    Your social media strategy should be to hit every platform, why concentrate your efforts on just one?

    and look out I'm hearing big buzz on something called PHEED aimed at the college aged crowd

    let's constantly re-invent

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    That's sounds advice, but I guess my question relates to measuring ROI. Has anyone been promoting posts on FB and seeing positive results from those actions or alternatively would buying ads on Facebook be better from an ROI standpoint.

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    We don't purchase ads, but we set up a facebook page and use that to blast out updates on a consistent basis. Photos of the medals, bibs, sponsors and their links, updates... This is only our second race, and we are in a very small community. But, typically around here, a race with 50 participants is huge. We had almost 200 at our winter race, and are almost at 100 for our run this weekend. For us, it has helped us reach people that are not local.

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