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    I'm not sure how many of you have heard about this but I've had it on my mind for a few days now. I think the RD made the absolute wrong decision since the declared marathon winner was not entered in the race she won. I'd be curious to know what my fellow RDs think

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    I agree with you. No disrespect for the effort the woman who was the first across the line in that marathon gave, but from the competition angle what if you're the women in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc...the top places, who were racing each other for a good portion of that course, then all of a sudden they find out someone else is ahead. If you had a goal to win that marathon and you're cruising along thinking you're in the lead pack (or x:xx ahead/behind the leader) then all of a sudden you discover you're actually x:xx + y:yy down on the leader (a runner who didn't start with you) that has got to throw off your game plan.

    From another angle, let's say you're one of those racers who now finds herself in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc, when you thought you were a place higher, but you see the "leader" has a bib marking her as an entrant in another race entirely (i.e. the half marathon). I'm not sure you could even tell based on the bibs Amherstburg used, but let's say you could. Do you even bother going after that runner, knowing she's not in the same race as you? If it's me, I see myself continuing to run my own race, but if that runner seems catchable I'm going to up the effort. If that runner didn't seem catchable I'm not going to bother, knowing I'm still the leader. To then find out an RD changed the basic rules of competition midstream doesn't seem fair.

    The other thing is the fact that these races didn't even start together. That's the trump card right there. I don't care if a race is a mile or an ultra, if you started in front of the start line you're not in the race! (Not in the referenced article, but something I read elsewhere.)

    Ms. Fitzmaurice is clearly a talented runner who had a good day and looks to have a good future in the sport. No disrespect at all to her. The RD on the other hand, my opinion would be that this was a bad call.

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    I'm a new race director, so I have no idea what I'd do in one of my races, but this does bring up a few questions in my minds.

    My first question is one of insurance; as a newer race director, I'm trying to learn all the ins-and-outs of race management. If she is registered for the half-marathon, but running the full, could this affect insurance? What would happen if she became distressed because she is running further than she had planned? I wouldn't think so, if you used USA T&F insurance, but I guess it could be based on how your policy reads? By allowing her in the results, this could open the RD to liability if she became distressed.

    My second question comes from the fact I am a USA Triathlon referee. She is participating in an event (marathon) she is not registered for. I know this, in the field of USA Triathlon, would be cause for disqualification. I'm not sure about the actual rules for USA T&F in respect for this...

    Third, I'm sure the full marathon costs more. This sets precedent for an athlete, who may register for the half to save money, with the intention of running the full marathon. If the RD allows one athlete to do so...

    Finally, in triathlons with time-trial starts, we sometimes allow an "elite wave", where all athletes who think they can win a race start together (gun time). In order to be in contention for overall awards, they must start in the elite wave, not in the time-trial line. This allows athletes to race head-to-head.

    All that said, she was a very talented runner; kudos to her for continuing and persevering through the marathon, when only planning for a half. Marathon finisher's medal? Sure. Overall first place? Still undecided in my mind...

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