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Thread: Wireless Microphone Suggestions?

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    Default Wireless Microphone Suggestions?

    I currently have used the Fender wireless headphone mic, and one of the Pyle wireless units,
    and have not been happy with either one.

    Maximum distance from the base unit is perhaps 50 - 75 feet.
    I would like to get farther away than this.

    A lesser expensive option would be preferred.
    Any suggestions?


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    You may want to look at UHF band microphones. I went to Guitar Center for - - price was under $150 - I have moved to Channel 4 of 8 to avoid interference with other electronics - range is supposed to be only 100 feet but we've found it works fine at over 300 feet - a bit of delay but works fine.

    FYI - our VHF wireless microphone work fine, less expensive but are "line of sight" - if people or bodies get in between, there are problems with signal - Kind of like some RDIF timing signals out there - HA! HA!

    Best of luck!

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    I learned from trial and error on what worked best for me.
    I bought a cheapy wireless (name slips me) that cost $25 bucks off of Surprisingly, the build was great and the quality was great - but reception was only about 10 feet (where it advertised 50 feet). I still have this system to use when I am dj'ing or use around the table where I wont go far and don't want to get tangled up with wires.
    I then stepped up to the PylePro wireless system. It had 2 wireless mics and 2 lapel mics. The regular mics worked fine, but the lapel mics were worthless. This system was about $200, and it was pretty good, but not great. I returned this because the lapels were awful.
    Next, I purchased the 8 wireless mic setup by VocoPro. I needed more mics as I was doing a press release for a major company, so they wanted multiple mics. This new system was fabulous! It was expensive at about $700, but you get what you paid for. Came in a fancy 'james bond style' aluminum case with foam cutouts for everything needed. Well worth the money!

    If you don't want the multi-mic system such as the VocoPro - check our Shure. I have friends that DJ with them, and they are very good quality.

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    Cascade Sound in Salem Oregon recommended the Audio Technica System 10 Digital Wireless Body Pack paired with a Mogan Standard Earset. This is digital and thus has fewer options for interference and a great range. Plus since it's got an ear piece you don't have to worry about holding a microphone or setting it down and misplacing it during the event.

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